Samstag, 3. November 2012

Three TV-Debates and one dishonest President

Don't re-elect this guy! (Foto: Souza)
In the last weeks a lot of people all over the world followed the American election and saw three so-called "Presidential debates" between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. About American foreign policy the debates were as disappointing as I expected this, there was no talking about the way the US wants to deal with Islam, especially with radical Islam. Even the word "Islam" was avoided, the candidates talked about "Mullahs", "Jihadists" and Muslims who want democracy, but no one used the word "Islam". The most important issue that Arab democracies produce islamo-fascist regimes, disregarding rights of Christians and women, was strictly avoided. And, by the way: The people all over the world who are scared against radical Islam didn't exist in this debates. This is not telling me that the US are having a position or a plan for dealing with this threat.

But, on the other hand, what we have seen was enough. Several times we have seen a dishonest US-President Barack Obama. His talking about his visits to Yad Vashem and Sderot in the last debate was not only dishonest: it was insolent and unappetizing, because everybody knows how he has left alone Israel in his four years in Office. And unforgotten the moment in the second debate in which he said, he talked just one day after the attack on the US-Consulate in Benghazi about a terrorist attack - and CNN moderator Candy Crowley confirmed his words.

For a better understanding why this moment was that dishonest and that important, we remember how Barack Obama started this kind of foreign policy: On 2009, June 4th, he hold his so-called "Cairo speech", the nicest approach an American President ever take to the Muslim world. Including a very questionable statement, Islam is belonging to the United States.

But was there any response to it?

The response, better: the huge gap between reality and Obamas wishful thinking was shown to everyone on 12/09/11, on that day of the year where everyone remembers and honors the victims of the 9/11-attacks. On that day, Barack Obama hold a speech and talked again about that the US are in a war against Al-Qaida, but not in a war against Islam. Not thinking for one second, that Islam could be in a war against the US.

Exactly on that day Salafists attacked the US-Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, tore down the American flag and hoisted their flag over the Embassy. On a 9/11! Please don't forget: All the 9/11-bombers were Salafists. This is not only a cynical symbol, this is the devastating result of a foreign policy that was just based on wishful thinking and naivness. And this story went on: On the same day Salafists burned down the US-Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and murdered Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya. A terrorist attack planned in advance exactly for the day, Americans are remembering their 9/11-victims.

But Barack Obama didn't learn this lesson. He didn't listen to Condoleezza Rice, who has said that a strong response is needed. After all this happened, he made his most horrible mistake ever: He paid for commercial spots in Pakistan TV and apologized for a Mohammed-movie, made by an American private citizen. But in fact, he apologized against Islam for being attacked. In this moment, everybody on the whole planet could see: Barack Obama is not willing to change his foreign policy. 

An old lesson from history is telling us: If you're nice against an aggressor, that makes the aggressor just more aggressive. Anyone who is familiar with history, knows that - but Barack Obama obviously not. After his apology in Pakistan TV, the US are weaker than ever - and everyone on this planet is knowing this now. Now we can expect that the violence by radical Muslims against the western world will increase in the next future. 

And after his apology in Pakistan-TV the Obama administration lied to the American people about what happened on 9/11 in Benghazi. It took weeks before the Obama administration admitted: It was a previously planned terrorist attack and not a "protest" because of the Mohammed-movie. So Mitt Romney was right in blaming Obama for that, and Candy Crowley admitted that after the second debate - but in the debate she supported Obama. Later on she explained that: Romney was right about the subject, but he used "the wrong words". What a lousy excuse!

Finally, in the third debate we saw Barack Obama presenting himself as a "terrorist hunter", a strong Commander-in-Chief, talking like a Republican. So these debates were a great show, but they aren't reflecting the facts. And the facts are simple: On 12/09/11 everyone on this planet has seen a failed American foreign policy, in the very next days everyone on this planet has seen a weak American President. And this will affect future history - TV-shows, just made for American voters, will not affect future history. Maybe these kind of shows will affect American elections, but the rest of the world - especially the bad guys - is watching the action of an American President, not his talking in shows.

In three days the American people will decide if Barack Obama will be re-elected or Mitt Romney will be elected as the next American President. I really hope that the American people will decide responsibly, not forgetting that American elections are having an impact on the rest of the world. For my taste, an American President, who is apologizing for being attacked, is not re-electable. An American President, who is weak against radical Muslims and frequently welcomed representatives of CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, is a danger for the whole western world.

So, please, don't re-elect this guy!